Spurs boss Antonio Conte speaking to BBC MOTD: “I’m really upset because this is not the first time and I think today I can tell you that this is an upset because we are winning 3-1 and 15 minutes to go and I think you have to win. Instead we Showed this another time, things started to correct last Year but we lost the characteristic of last Year. I don’t want to talk regarding the Technical aspect, the spirit is missing.

“We are not a Club. We are a Club that everyone is thinking of himself. come you are in this way that can happen, you lose in front of Sheffield United and drop the FA cup and with AC Milan and to finish that run you’re winning 3-1 and the last 15 you are able to give them the possibility to come return. I don’t see the sense of responsibility of the my players.

“Now it’s difficult – we are working hard with this group and to move in the right direction. We are going behind, I see a lot of negative situations and a lot of selfish situations and my players that I don’t like. I know the way to beat teams, in the past I beat a lot of teams, winning teams. Now instead we are going behind, no one is interested in this. I have great frustration regarding this because me and the staff stay every day to think of a way to correct. Honestly, it’s time I have to take responsibility for me, the staff, the Club but also the my players.

“The my players go onto the pitch, I’m the Coach OK I take the responsibility, the my players have to take some. What happened in the last duration is unacceptable and I tried every moment to declare to try to correct the situation and to transfer the importance to be a Club and to help each many but I’m not seeing this. today it happened in a game we’re winning 3-1, it’s in your hands but we have to take the environment. The Club and I are always under scrutiny but the my players have to take responsibility because I don’t see this.

“in a process where you want to build something, the tactical aspect is important but the spirit is important. The mind has to stay focussed and despite one and a half years, I saw more more last Year. This Year we are going backwards.”

Southampton vs Tottenham Hotspur .

Score: 3-3.