Manchester United are firmly locked in their Europa league campaign but it’s no surprise that they are already gearing Up for a busy transfer Summer ahead.

Rumours of Jadon Sancho’s arrival at Old Trafford have been ripe since the turn of the year but have recently picked Up even more steam and it’s time to assess whether the Red Devils can really sign one of England’s brightest talents.

I start off with my thoughts on whether Sancho will actually want a move return to Manchester and wrap things Up with a look at what the Club requirements to do in order to clinch the deal.

Will Jadon Sancho Want to Continue His Career at Old Trafford?

With all of Europe’s elite lurking for an opportunity to entice Sancho, the question of whether he would want to move to Manchester United definitely stands.

And if you would’ve asked me in January, I would’ve probably said no.

The Club looked to be in tatters with no clue whether the board and Ole Gunnar Solksjaer can turn things please.

However, United are in more better stead right Now.

Their inspired form since the restart of the league has seen them clinch a Champions league spot for next Year, which was absolutely vital if they wanted to have a realistic chance of attracting top talent this Summer.

Even if they fail to clinch the Europa league titles, there are signs that the atmosphere please the Club is getting more positive by the minute.

Unlike last Year, The End to this year’s Premier League campaign certainly gives fans hope for the future.

There is, of course, a lot to correct on but it seems that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been able to address the most pressing issue and that is bringing return the confidence of his my players.

This United squad has always had the quality to compete at the top level but getting all these young egos in line proved to be a tough job even for Jose Mourinho.

The my players seem to be responding to Solskjaer better and the way they was able to correct their production on the pitch speaks too for the future of this group.

I believe Jadon Sancho can thrive in this atmosphere, especially with familiar figures like Marcus Rashford and Aaron Wan-Bissaka to help him settle in.

Can Manchester United Pull Off a Deal for Sancho?

I believe there’s certainly a good chance that the England starlet would want to move to Old Trafford.

The Club has the means to confront him his wage demands, there is a young and exciting core there and he has lived in Manchester arrived at.

On top of that, the player and his parents appear to be very shrewd with the decision they make. Going to Borussia Dortmund was a brilliant move for Sancho and he understands it too.

I have no doubts that Pep Guardiola would’ve given him a chance to play in the first Club had he stayed with City, but there is no way he would’ve got the same amount of playing time.

Now that he can basically spark the interest of every top European Club, I believe the Sancho and his advisors will take the same route.

At present, it may not look like Man United are the best prospect but there is a good foundation at the Club at the moment in which Sancho can fit right in.

Any young player will be thrilled to play with the likes of Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba and I feel the English winger can get along with Ole Gunnar Solskajaer quite too.

The Norweigan manager has always been regarding taking responsibility and striving to become better, something that Jadon Sancho has been taught from an early age.

The problem is that the negotiations between Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United are nowhere near to a end.

in fact, Dortmund chief executive Hans-Joachim Watzke has dismissed claims that the two Clubs are even discussing a deal. 

The German Club knows quite too what a valuable asset they have, so it’s not a surprise that they won’t let him go without a solid compensation.

Manchester United fans shouldn’t fret, though, as the same scenario unfolded during the negotiations for Bruno Fernandes.

Ed Woodward and his Club were said to have had a fixed sum for the Portuguese midfielder but eventually paid what Sporting Lisbon wanted for their player.

Bringing in Sancho was never going to be a straightforward procedure so it’s normal that both Clubs will hold out as more as they can.

But it does seem like Manchester United are in a position to lure the winger to Old Trafford and this may too prove to be their biggest coup since signing Cristiano Ronaldo.