Brentford manager Thomas Frank speaking to BBC Sport: “There was a fantastic start to the game, we came out flying with great intensity, created several opportunities and should have scored more.

“I think the first-half start was good and then we backed off a little bit too more but we didn’t give too more away. second half we started really too again with the same intensity as we did in the first half.

“I think it is the a lot derby and we really wanted to come out and play again and build on that confidence and momentum we have.”

On Ivan Toney: “I think he is such a fantastic story and he is the best penalty taker in the world. It is not lucky or coincidence. He is very calm and cool in those moments.”

On the penalty and red card decisions: “I understand that a penalty at 1-1 can always be a little bit defining. as far as I know there was a clear contact in the box and that is a penalty the same way for their goal it is a clear contact for the free-kick.

“I think Lukic, that may have been a red card but I don’t really want to talk regarding that because with the performance we did more than enough to deserve to win the game.”

On the Club’s performance: “I am very delighted especially because in the Crystal Palace game I didn’t think we was that great and this was a couple of levels Up.

“They had great confidence and hopefully we can use that attitude and remain humble. We need to be humble enough to continue to work hard and win the duels and track return but have confidence come you have the ball.”

On whether they can make the European places: “For me it is very important that we are allowed to dream during always want to aim as High as possible but it is important to not get too carried away.

“We are in a good place and it is all regarding continuing.”

Brentford vs Fulham .

Score: 3-2.