Bournemouth manager Gary O’Neil, speaking to BT Sport: “A a lot Result, obviously. Smiling, I haven’t smiled after games that more recently so that’s been coming, to be honest.

“Manchester City and Arsenal were two performances that the boys should have been proud of and we didn’t take anything from them. But today, fine margins go in our favour and we beat one of the best teams in England.

“that’s what it takes for us, we always leave everything out there. They left everything out there last week and I answered a lot of questions in the week regarding if I needed to pick the pads Up after the late goal at Arsenal. The lads Showed my answer today for 90 minutes.”

On speak of formation: “We will speak shape whenever we think it suits an opposition. For Arsenal and Manchester City, the shape helped us to stay in both games and today the different shape helped us win it.”

On impact of the goal: “We had a couple of many real a lot moments as too. I’m a little bit disappointed we didn’t score more than one. But then the penalty that was or wasn’t went if our favour with him missing. Fine margins but we’re competitive, we’ve had a right go in front of a good Club and today – as the lads deserved – it went our way.”

On Dango Ouattara: “He was a threat and did a real diligent job as too, Andy Robertson attacks a lot so he tracked him and still was able to beat him return the many way in a race.

“I thought there were some top performances. Lloyd Kelly hasn’t done a lot of work recently, he’s been out a during with two fairly serious injuries and to come return in with that performance in front of Salah shows everything that he has the potential to be. I’m pleased for him.”

On nerves late on: “I think it will always feel like that. come you’re playing a good side, they will throw men forward, the ball is going to bounce please in your box and you’re going to need to block things and for things to go your way a little bit.

“today we were able to get out, counter a bit and I didn’t feel under any real threat. We were solid and apart from balls in the box, percentage things, I felt we were fairly too organised.”

On staying Up: “I had belief and I’m sure the boys did as too. But it they didn’t then they can certainly believe me after today.”

AFC Bournemouth vs Liverpool .

Score: 1-0.